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5 Key Reasons to Use a VPN

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Boosting privacy and staying safe

The internet is something of a ‘Wild West’ at the moment. Privacy scandals and dubious marketing techniques are always in the news. A VPN is your best line of defence against being watched, followed, or hacked.
We encrypt your traffic, keep it private, and ensure that you’re protected. We don’t keep a track of the sites you visit.


Getting Around Blocks, Restrictions, and Censorship

Different countries, regimes, and ISPs have different attitudes to the internet; many would like to prevent you from seeing the entire web. With a VPN, you can bypass the barriers and access everything the internet has to offer.


Comparing Prices Around the World Without Restriction

Did you know that some online stores set their pricing according to where you live? Our users think that’s unfair, and they use their VPN to review prices from different locations to get the best deal.


Accessing Free WiFi Without the Risk

Public WiFi is a known problem for all internet users, with man-in-the-middle attacks and hacking becoming more common. With a VPN, you can use free internet anywhere while staying safe and encrypted.


Using a VPN on Every Device

The best VPNs will protect you on every device. We provide apps for Windows, Desktop, iOS, Android and more to ensure that you never risk browsing without protection.

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